We told you it’s Mueller Time

Just yesterday, Palmer Report explained why Special Counsel Robert Mueller was likely going to make his big moves against Donald Trump shortly after the midterm elections. Now inside sources are telling Bloomberg that this is indeed the case. As always, Palmer Report wasn’t working with inside information; it was just easy to figure this one out based on publicly available evidence and logic. So what now?

As we spelled out yesterday, Robert Mueller wants to know what he’s dealing with before he makes his big move. If the Democrats win the House, Mueller can simply give them his report on Trump, and they’ll run with it in the form of impeachment hearings aimed at publicly dismantling Trump. If the Republicans somehow retain control of the House and Senate, Mueller and his boss Rod Rosenstein will have to look at other, more unilateral options such as releasing the report publicly and/or trying to indict Trump while he’s still in office.

But the point is we’re about to see something happen soon. It was reported last week that Donald Trump has begun answering Robert Mueller’s questions in writing, which suggests that Mueller gave him a hard deadline aimed at wrapping up the entire thing before the election. After Mueller knows the results of the election, he’ll have no reason to continue waiting. In addition, if Trump is ever going to finally take the risk of trying to fire everyone in order to sabotage the investigation, he’ll do it after the midterms, feeling that he has nothing to lose by trying. So it’s best for Mueller and Rosenstein to take their big swing just before Trump can take his.

This places even more importance on the November elections, which are less than three weeks away. If the Democrats win at least one out of the House and Senate, it’ll put Robert Mueller in the strongest position when he makes his big move against Donald Trump.