Donald Trump and his bottomless pit

Have we slipped so far into the depths of amorality that murder is no longer a sin? Does Donald Trump think that there is anything<>/i> at all that Mike Pompeo could say, upon his return from Saudi Arabia, that would make the coverup of a murder OK? If the voters have not yet been listening, they need to listen up now.

We are in a situation where the President of the United States, having taken his place in the Oval Office with the help of a foreign adversary, is willing to “look aside” for reasons not yet known. He claims he does not wish to rush to judgment, as he falsely claims the left did with Brett Kavanaugh. For the thinking among us, it seems that there are enough connections between Trump and the Saudis to suggest that once again, his personal interests are ruling his foreign policy determinations.

As a result of Trump’s personal real estate dealings, our nation is sanctioning murder, because it benefits the Trump family business to do so. We all watched Pompeo sitting and smiling with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Is it a job requirement that all White House employees check their morality at the door? We, as a nation, are facing racism, misogyny, dishonesty, mocking of the disabled, as well as a chipping away of individual rights. We have dealt with Trump referring to women as animals, and opponents as mobs. What the hell is going on here? Is there no bottom?

If the voters do not come out in full force and denounce this “President,” we are headed into far darker times. We are at a crossroads as a nation. Who do we want to be? Do we want our leaders to reflect honorable values or do we want our children to see life as a cage match? We can watch for a GOP-led congressional response to Saudi Arabia, but in all likelihood, it will all be smoke and mirrors. For the past two years, we have watched the Republican Party fall in line with this monster. The absolute only available response is to vote; vote as though your life as you know it depends upon it, because it does.