Today’s the day we can turn Donald Trump into toast

Today’s the day, America. Today is the day that will define our history for the foreseeable future. You don’t need to be a Democrat to be praying for a blue wave today; you simply need to be a person who demands that the government run as it was intended with a series of checks and balances. Oversight, the role of Congress, prevents madmen from becoming authoritarians.

In the two years that Donald Trump has been in office, there has been absolutely no check on his political power. With a Republican held Congress cowering, afraid of a tweet from the reckless leader, Trump has pushed the boundaries of presidential power as if none of them apply to him. Dangerously floating ideas of lifetime presidential appointments had some people (yours truly included) reaching for the Xanax.

Clearly profiting from his position, violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, not to mention oddly approved Chinese patents for Ivanka, the Trump Family is the most notorious crime family since the Gambinos. This is a family selling influence. His economic policies have been trickle-down on steroids, with the 1% profiting, and the 99% expected to pay for the historically large deficit, as Republicans shake their heads in confusion as to why the rest of us cannot see that it is Medicare, Medicaid, the SNAP Program and Social Security that are to blame.

Trump has pandered to the gun lobby, calling for guns in schools and religious institutions, and tied it all up in a big red bow, by ending his two years, by receiving praise from the former head of the KKK, David Duke, for his blood and soil, white nationalism, sending the military to our Southern Border to prevent some brown people from hopping a fence. You don’t need to be a Democrat today to vote straight Democrat. You just need to be a thinking person. It’s simple. The Republican Party of Donald Trump, in all likelihood, does not support your interests. It is no longer your father’s Republican Party.