Donald Trump just tipped off how much trouble he’s truly in

Yesterday, Palmer Report noted that Donald Trump seemed to have dispatched multiple official and unofficial surrogates – and even called a few former pals out of the bullpen – in the name of making as absurd of a distraction as possible. It was a fairly easy giveaway that Trump knew he was in trouble, and he was doing what he could to try to prevent the media and the public from focusing on what was really going on. Now he’s made a move that proves he knows how much trouble he’s in.

Donald Trump’s White House just suspended the press credentials of CNN reporter Brian Karem for thirty days. The Trump regime has told the Washington Post that the suspension was because Karem got into an argument with Trump lackey Sebastian Gorka during a White House event three and a half weeks ago. But this doesn’t add up at all.

Why suddenly suspend Karem now, for something that happened in early July? And why bother suspending him when the courts have already cracked down on this kind of nonsense in the Jim Acosta case? Karem will have his credentials back in a lot less than thirty days, and going after this respected member of the media will only have served as a way to distract the media. But then that’s the point.

Donald Trump’s worsening scandals, increasingly erratic behavior, heightening impeachment prospects, and whatever else is coming down the pike have added up to some kind of crisis in the Republican Party, which finally reached a crescendo this week. Six House Republicans have recently announced they won’t bother seeking reelection. The Republican Senate is suddenly forcing Trump to get his Director of National Intelligence debacle under control.

Something has gone wrong for the GOP in Congress, to the point that some of its members are toeing the line for once, while others are quitting politics. It’s not difficult to parse that whatever has the Republican Party so rattled, it has to do with Donald Trump’s increasing radioactivity. Trump has only lasted this long because the Republicans in Congress have bent over backward to protect him. If the GOP is signaling that it can’t or won’t protect Trump going forward, no wonder he’s firing off every trick in his bag at once, to try to distract us from just how ugly this is about to get for him.

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