Donald Trump’s war against James Comey just backfired on him

Yet another aspect of Donald Trump’s deranged phony “Deep State” conspiracy theory has officially gone down the tubes. Trump has spent years insisting that former FBI Director James Comey was somehow an illegal leaker who needed to be prosecuted for it. To that end, Trump supporters have insisted that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz was going to put Comey and other intel officials in prison.

Instead, Horowitz has announced that there won’t be any criminal charges against James Comey. Moreover, the Washington Post says that according to people in the DOJ, it was “not a close call” – which is to say that Comey was very clearly not guilty of anything. This was easy to see coming. First, outside of Trump’s lunatic fringe bubble, everyone understands that he didn’t do anything illegal by releasing certain obstruction of justice evidence against Trump. Second, Horowitz has already proven through his previous IG reports that he’s not willing to do Trump’s corrupt bidding.

So this announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention. But Donald Trump has spent the past couple years insisting that Comey was part of a treasonous “Deep State” conspiracy to try to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. Now Trump’s adversaries, including the eventual 2020 Democratic nominee, will be able to argue to undecided voters that even Trump’s own DOJ Inspector General agrees there was no conspiracy against Trump, and that the intel community was just doing its job when it came to investigating Trump’s crimes.

As is so often the case these days, Donald Trump has overplayed his hand when it comes to trying to falsely pin crimes on the intel community leaders he’s improperly fired. In the process, yet another of Team Trump’s deranged conspiracy theories goes down the drain.

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