Donald Trump accidentally drags fictional character Tina Belcher into his disastrous Fourth of July speech

Just how disastrous is Donald Trump’s Fourth of July speech? He thinks they had airports back in 1776, and that they played a key role in the Revolutionary War. He still doesn’t have any idea who Frederick Douglass is, after two years of trying. And to top it all off, he just dragged a fictional character into his speech.

Donald Trump tried giving a shoutout to a Florida woman who goes by “Angel Belcher.” If Trump had any idea who she was, he’d have called her by that name. Instead, the handler who wrote Trump’s speech referred to the woman by her legal name, Tina Belcher. The trouble: that’s also the name of a fictional character from Bob’s Burgers.

Considering that the woman’s name really is Tina Belcher – even though she doesn’t go by it – this was arguably the least of Donald Trump’s major flubs during his horrendous speech. But considering that this was a prepared speech, he and his handlers sure did find a number of ways to completely screw things up.

Donald Trump’s brain clearly short circuited when he saw the name of his old nemesis Frederick Douglass in the speech, and he ended up stammering “Douglass, you know, Frederick Douglass, the great Frederick Douglass.” And on a day where he had already screwed up and referred to Air Force One as “Aircraft One,” it’s only fitting that Trump ended up asserting that George Washington’s Army won by taking the airports.

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