Donald Trump goes completely off the deep end during disastrous Fourth of July speech

After a rain delay came close to derailing Donald Trump’s idiotic Fourth of July stunt, he went ahead and derailed it with his own mouth instead. Trump was trying to stick to a prepared speech, after his handlers apparently convinced him that he needed to sound “presidential” while holding a de facto campaign rally complete with Army tanks. The trouble for Trump: he simply couldn’t stay on script, because he couldn’t understand the script.

At one point during his speech, Donald Trump got to the name “Frederick Douglass” and got completely thrown off by it, making clear that โ€“ two years after his initial debacle โ€“ he still has no idea who Frederick Douglass is. But as it turns out, that wasn’t even the most embarrassing moment of Trump’s verbal toxic waste eruption.

When it came to a segment of his prepared speech about the Revolutionary War, Donald Trump asserted that the Continental Army managed to take over the “airports.” Everyone over the age of ten knows that airplanes, and thus airports, didn’t exist during the time of George Washington. Then there’s Trump, who couldn’t get that part right even when he was reading from a prepared speech.

Donald Trump literally just had to stand there and read aloud the words that someone had put in front of him โ€“ and he couldn’t even do it. Trump must have imagined that his Fourth of July takeover would somehow serve as a show of strength for him. Instead he’s coming off as someone who’s far too weak, fragile, tepid, confused, and pathetic to pull off the dictator thing. Trump should simply resign and report to prison.

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