Tick tock: Steve Bannon has 48 hours left to decide between two really bad options

Days ago the January 6th Committee publicly confirmed that it’ll make criminal referrals to the DOJ against anyone who defies a subpoena to testify. As we explained, congressional criminal referrals for failure to appear are a serious matter – and without Bill Barr there to run interference anymore, these folks are looking at huge fines and some prison time.

Sure enough, Congressman Jamie Raskin tweeted this today: “Meadows, Scavino, Patel and Bannon have two days left to comply with the January 6th Committee’s subpoenas. Each of these men should be ready and willing to protect their country against violent insurrection, but as a reminder: noncompliance with Congress invites criminal sanctions.”

That’s right, Steve Bannon and his fellow Trump henchmen now have just 48 hours to decide whether to agree to testify and risk incriminating themselves in the process, or whether to defy the subpoena and definitely place themselves under federal criminal investigation.


Tick tock. With Donald Trump and his henchmen no longer occupying positions of power in the Executive Branch, there’s no one left to protect the Trump world folks. That leaves people like Bannon with nothing but bad options. We’ll soon find out which of these two options he chooses; he won’t like either one of them.

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