Throwing down the abortion gauntlet

It’s been a hell of a week for women across America, with Alabama and Georgia voting to ban abortion. Not only does it put women’s lives in danger, it’s also unconstitutional. It’s immoral as well from many different viewpoints. I used to be strongly against abortion when I was a conservative. After learning from the dialogue, I have a different perspective about abortion and what pro-choice means for women in America. The conservative ideology couldn’t be more wrong on its stance on abortion, and it doesn’t help when conservative pundits lie to their viewers to encourage them to vote for people who would do these horribly unconstitutional acts.

The reality is this, no one wants an abortion. It’s a painful decision for any woman to make, and that’s what it is about, a woman’s decision over her own reproductive organs, whether we agree with her or not, it’s her decision. The majority of women who support pro-choice think about so many issues, they think about the life of the unwanted child. How they would live in this world unloved, neglected, just a number in the system.

No child deserves that, nor should a woman should have to live with that burden. Quite frankly, what right does a white man have to say how a woman should live? A more dangerous thing to think about when banning abortions is how it will put the lives of women in danger when they try to do it on their own.


Conservatives have often bragged that they are the movement of freedom and less government, so why doesn’t freedom for women count? My final thoughts about abortion are that women should have the right to decide what happens to their bodies. If the United States is supposed to be a Democracy and a country of freedom and less government, that applies to women. I also believe that women who have had abortions should have more of their voices heard because we as men can’t fathom what they go through. Who are we to decide how they live their lives?

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