The real reason Donald Trump is failing

In order to successfully finish his complete subversion of democracy, Donald Trump knows that he must control the Legislative and Judicial branches. While he has temporarily succeeded in filling the courts with inappropriate and unqualified judges on a multitude of levels, Trump has failed to achieve his ultimate goal. Despite the efforts of complicit Republicans in Congress, Trump has, so far, been unsuccessful in turning American democracy into a dictatorship. Kleptocracy? Absolutely. Kakistocracy? Sure. Dictatorship? Not yet.

Sure, an illegitimate president successfully appointed two justices to the Supreme Court, and Donald Trump likely believes that such actions have ensured his ability to rule over America for the remainder of his life – but he did not count on the uprising of the Resistance. Those individuals who were dumbstruck by Trump’s theft of the 2016 election have surpassed the stage of being flabbergasted and have long ago moved on to outraged. But instead of simply feeling numb, the Resistance has fought back and brought us to where we are today.

When a vast majority of the Republican Party agreed to side with Trump and sell out America, they likely believed that they would hold power in both chambers of Congress in order to avoid the necessary investigations into their misdeeds. Given the inherited electoral bias achieved through gerrymandering and voter suppression, Republicans were not too far off on their belief that they could hold the House of Representatives for decades. However, they did not account for the utter disdain and outrage that many Americans felt following the 2016 election. The Resistance turned out to be much more than just a philosophy.

While many Democrats became complacent following two terms of President Obama, assuming their votes were not necessary to achieve success, the 2016 election became a real awakening to the necessity of voting. Democratic candidates received more than eight million more votes than Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections. Despite Trump’s ultimate goal of becoming a dictator for life, it appears that Americans are ready to stand up to his outrageous goals and will fight him at the ballot box.

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