Robert Mueller just tipped off the three key crimes he’s going to take Donald Trump down for

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After a dizzying array of indictments, criminal charges, and plea deals last week, Robert Mueller has yet to make any publicly visible moves thus far this week. Who’s he going to bust next? We still can’t say for sure. But he has been speaking this week, in very clinical and calculated fashion through the media, and in so doing he’s tipped off the three key crimes that he’s going to take Donald Trump down for.

If you’ve heard the popular claim that nothing ever leaks from the Mueller investigation, that’s only half the story. Nothing ever leaks by accident. Far too many stories about Mueller’s behind-the-scenes moves have conveniently surfaced in the media at just the right time, making it fairly clear that Mueller’s team has placed those stories there for strategic reasons that only became fully clear after the fact. Over the past two days we’ve seen three such stories given to three different major media outlets, and they’ve each pointed directly to crimes that Trump has committed.

First we learned yesterday from CNN that Mueller is targeting Trump for the money trail that existed between Trump and Russia before Trump entered the 2016 election (link). Then earlier today we learned from MSNBC that Mueller is targeting Trump for his connection to the DNC emails that were stolen during the election by Russian hackers (link). Then just now we learned from the Washington Post that Mueller is targeting Trump for – no surprise – obstruction of justice when he tried to fire everyone last year (link). These three stories, coming in such rapid fashion, are not a coincidence.

Robert Mueller has to be purposely tipping off to Donald Trump that he has evidence to nail him on these three specific crimes. Why? Our best guess is that Mueller wants Trump as rattled as possible, so he’ll panic and further harm himself in the process. The remarkable part is that Mueller may not be done; these are merely the only three that have been published thus far. The week is still young.

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