This one is going to come back to bite them

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Pink is such a sweet color. When one thinks of pink, one often thinks of softness, of happiness. Pink often conjures up images of the color of sprinkles on a freshly baked cupcake, of the color of a young girl’s room. Yet pink has also emerged as a political color — the color of activism, victory, and voters.

Pink is widely known as the color of fighting breast cancer. In those fights, the pink ribbon is widely seen as an homage to the future — of a time when one won’t have to worry about breast cancer, because it will have been defeated. Pink is also the color of political power and grace. Don’t forget Hillary Clinton’s stunning pink suit.

And pink is also the color of voters — of the votes cast by Gays and Lesbians. This is called the pink vote. (It is also called the lavender vote.) The pink vote is most prevalent in Britain, yet it has spread to the united states. Millions united in pink. Millions joined against the GOP.

And the GOP would be wise to listen. Because the pink vote is now considered a voting BLOC. And they will have significant influence at the voting booths. And the pink vote is getting mighty pissed at the underhanded tricks Republicans are attempting to play.

In Florida, Desantis is trying to expand his repulsive “don’t say Gay” law.
Also, all over this country, republicans are passing bills, particularly in red states, to forbid drag shows, prohibit classrooms from even saying the word “GAY,” and trying to stop gender-transition treatments.

And if anyone stands against them? They call said person an insurrectionist and try to ban them from speaking. We’ve seen that just these last few weeks in Montana and Tennessee.

But the GOP should wise up. Because people are getting angrier and angrier at them. And the pink vote isn’t playing. They’re serious, and most of them are damned pissed at the GOP for sticking their busybody noses where they don’t belong.

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