The curtains are closing on Donald Trump

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There was a time when so much of the news cycle was filled with Donald Trump that people screamed no mas. Make him go away. Now, he’s dominating the daily news cycle but for reasons that many find good. With all the investigations surrounding Donald Trump, it is inevitable that one or more of them will take him out. 1945 believes that could really happen when you look at everything that’s going on.

The biggest news in the last few days is that an alleged “insider” at Mar-a-Lago is cooperating with prosecutors in the classified documents case. The New York Times broke the story first, and 1945 reposted. According to NYT, the witness has supposedly provided prosecutors with photographs of the storage room where Trump was hoarding classified materials. Interestingly, that is the only information that has been leaked to date. No one knows who this person is or whether he or she has provided testimony or other information to federal prosecutors. Whatever this person gave was enough to prompt prosecutors to issue subpoenas to four Mar-a-Lago employees, as well as “another person who had visibility into Mr. Trump’s thinking when he first returned material to the National Archives.” This sounds like it could be a bombshell of sorts, and prosecutors continue to dig into information relating to Mar-a-Lago. As if this announcement isn’t enough to pique interest, Raw Story just announced that eight of the fake electors in Georgia have accepted immunity deals. That doesn’t sound good-for Donald Trump.

This news tells us one thing: Fani Willis is moving forward with her criminal case, and it’s a safe bet that Donald Trump is at the center. Why else would she offer immunity to the fake electors? This story was broken first by Washington Post. The immunity agreement protects them from being charged with crimes if they testify truthfully, and they have apparently agreed to do that. According to WaPo, the fake electors held a meeting on December 14 even though Governor Brian Kemp had already certified President Biden’s victory. Willis’ investigation also involves Trump’s “perfect” (as he calls it) call to Brad Raffensperger and the unauthorized breach of election equipment in Coffee County. She also has emails and texts between those who breached this equipment, detailing their plans to break the law in favor of Trump. Willis has not publicly said that she’s going after Donald Trump, but come on, that’s a given.

Even as everything is closing in on Trump, he continues to pretend that he did nothing wrong. In fact, Newsweek reported that Trump said that he should have kept the documents “until it was all settled.” There was nothing to settle. Trump took something that didn’t belong to him, with the intent to do who knows what with the information. He continues to claim his “innocence,” when it is blatantly clear that he is anything but innocent. The man is either clueless or he thinks everyone else is stupid. Likely, it’s the latter, but the people investigating Trump are far from stupid. He’s going to find that out in short order.

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