This old Ron DeSantis scandal may be finally coming back to bite him

Well, well, well. The worm is turning — in regards to DeSantis. Have you noted that in recent weeks the attention on Governor Squeaky-voice has become increasingly hostile? It’s true. The wind is not at Ronny’s back. Not at all. But what IS at his back is Fox non-news.

Fox News host Howard Kurtz is the one who started things. During a panel discussion on Sunday, he brought up the infamous party Ron is said to have attended many years ago. That’s the party Trump has referenced where DeSantis was reportedly parting with young college students — while he was a teacher.

Kurtz said Ron should not have done that if it’s true. This has been a favorite line of attack from Trump. Look, I hate trump with a passion, but if he can take out DeSantis from the race on the way to prison, I say, why not.

But the stories in the news are far more than about Ron’s college days. Governor Squeaky is being derided for his lack of charisma. His bizarre eating habits have been questioned. People are asking why Squeaky is taking silly positions on things like Ukraine, and all over, I hear the words: “DeSantis isn’t ready for prime time.”

This feels especially sweet because while just a year ago when everyone was fawning over Ron, Palmer Report told you that this would happen.This is because DeSantis is nothing more than a shiny object. After all these years, the media still haven’t learned that shiny things might be glitzy and new and gaudy, but in time they lose their glitter and become — yesterday’s toys.

So we’ll see what happens to DeSantis. I will say one thing the Ron is giving it his all. He is struggling for relevancy, but right now, the only thing governor squeaky is getting is a lot of raised eyebrows and rejection.