This keeps getting uglier

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What must it be like to be inside of Donald Trump’s head? Clearly, he has lost the election. Recounts have been done and signatures verified, and the Electoral College has affirmed Joe Biden’s victory. Donald Trump cannot accept the facts and is continuing to “challenge” the election, which is beyond challenge. Regardless of his losses, Politico reported that Trump’s team has filed yet another petition before the Supreme Court.

The latest suit requests the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn three rulings from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. These suits sought rejection of the voters’ mail-in ballots and choosing an alternate slate of electors who would give their electoral votes to Trump. This is a complete effort in futility, as the Court is not scheduled to meet again until January 8, two days after Congress certifies the vote of the Electoral College. None of this will stop Donald Trump. Trump knows he cannot overturn the election, but he is so far gone on the issue that he is now listening to the insanity spewed by Michael Flynn.

Not only is Trump listening to Flynn, but he is so desperate that he re-hired Sidney Powell. Powell has been all over the country, spewing her conspiracy theories and clogging dockets with her “kraken” lawsuits. According to Forbes and Newsweek, Michigan authorities are trying to find a way to punish her, with the city of Detroit asking a federal court to impose sanctions on Powell, who has filed similar suits in Georgia with another QAnon attorney, L. Lin Wood. Powell faces posting a $100,000 bond to file future lawsuits if the city prevails. Yet, Trump has welcomed her back to his fold, showing the true desperation of Trump’s attempts to overturn the election that he legitimately lost.

Powell, with Flynn’s urgings, suggests that the government can “seize voting machines” from Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania or “declare martial law.” MSN reported that both Powell and Flynn are pushing Trump to issue an executive order to seize the specified voting machines. According to MSN, either move is unconstitutional. Underpinning that, Washington Post reported that outgoing attorney general Bill Barr said that “there is no basis” for the government to seize voting machines and further said that he has “no intention” of appointing a special counsel to investigate voter fraud allegations.

Now that Barr is no longer sucking up to Trump, Trump’s cronies have turned against Barr. WaPo reported that Jenna Ellis, a Trump campaign legal advisor, tweeted: “Maybe you should sit down now, Bill. You certainly did enough sitting down on the job.” Please. From the moment Barr came on the scene, he was doing Trump’s bidding, including prematurely ending the Mueller investigation and white washing Mueller’s findings. Trump could not have found a better lackey than Barr, but now that Barr no longer agrees with Trump, he is not doing his job. Someone needs to sit down, but it is not Bill Barr. Trump needs to accept his loss and move on. It is over for him.

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