Donald Trump’s Deutsche Bank contact abruptly resigns after bank testifies to New York grand jury

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The night before the election, Deutsche Bank leaked to the media that if Donald Trump lost, it was planning to sell off or call in his loans. This would likely result in the forfeiture of Trump’s assets, putting him in a crushing financial squeeze.

This hasn’t happened yet – Deutsche Bank is presumably waiting until Trump is out of office so he can’t abuse his powers to retaliate – but now we’re seeing signs of what’s coming. Trump’s longtime go-between at Deutsche Bank, who helped him secure a series of suspicious loans over the years that he didn’t qualify for and never paid back, is now abruptly resigning from the bank. Nothing says “everything is about to hit the fan” like the abrupt resignation of those who were directly involved with whatever chicanery was going on behind the scenes.

Earlier this month it was reported that the Manhattan District Attorney has begun having unnamed Deutsche Bank employees testify to a grand jury about Donald Trump’s finances, in a clear sign that Trump is going to be indicted for financial crimes. Now the person at Deutsche Bank who worked the most closely with Trump is abruptly resigning. It’s not entirely clear how these pieces fit together, but it is clear that something is about to hit the fan at Deutsche Bank.

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