This just keeps getting uglier for George Santos

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Three-time academy award winner, best-selling novelist, Bachelor of the Year, and five million dollar lottery winner George Santos has pleaded not guilty to 13 counts of wire fraud, money laundering, stealing public funds, and lying on federal disclosure forms.

Just kidding about all of Santos’ accomplishments. Not joking about him being an indicted thug and pathological liar. Santos will see his travel restricted and has been released on a $500,000 bond.

An angry-looking Santos addressed the media after his hearing. Looking shaky and rather worse for the wear, a defiant (and delusional) Santos said he would not resign, and he still plans to run for reelection.

In the spirit of Donald Trump, Santos has called the charges a “witch hunt.” It seems lots of Republicans adore that word. Should they change their name to the witch hunt party?

I have an idea. Since Santos seems to be following in Donald Trump’s lying footsteps so well, why not make them cellmates? There they could reminisce about times gone by (that never happened) and talk about the love the American people have for them (which also is false.)

Santos also had to surrender his passport. In the courtroom, Santos wore a valor blazer, khaki pants, and an indifferent expression. His next court date is June 30th. Cowardly Kevin insists: “innocent until proven guilty.” Taking to Twitter, an obvious setting, Santos had this to say: “WITCH HUNT.”

Twitter also had a lot to say:

“You’re a walking cartoon character.”


“Seriously — quite while behind.”

“Hi George, how’s your day going?”

“ding dong, the witch is caught.”

“Wait until discovery!”

“who bailed you out?”

“resign in shame.”

“you poor lost soul.”

“stop trying to be Trump.”

“lying liar!”

“Nice mug shot.”

“plot twist: I don’t believe you.”

“Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not steal anyone’s money.”

“weasel hunt — they caught one.”

“melt baby melt.”

“a 5th grader would convict you.”

“What George means: “I’m a witch, among other things.”

“get some help.”

“prison bound!”

As you can see, Twitter is not on the side of Mr. Santos. Neither is Twitter. Neither is anybody, it would appear — except Kevin McCarthy.

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