This judge’s ruling doesn’t help Donald Trump


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I’d really like to clarify a few things regarding the latest ruling from Non-Judge Cannon. As you know, she has again ruled against the Department of Justice and for Trump. This is not a surprise to me, sadly. But what is surprising to me is how surprised so many others are.

Many misconceptions are going on that I would like to straighten out. And to be clear, I am not speaking about Palmer Report Readers. But I am talking about many people on social media who appear to be losing their minds.

First: The eleventh circuit is not “in the tank” for Trump. I do not care that many of them were appointed by Trump. That means nothing. Please remember when Trump tried to overthrow the 2020 presidential election by taking his case to Judges, many of whom he appointed. He got turned away — again and again and again– many times by his own Judges.

Second: There is no “one Judge” on the eleventh circuit who hears the case. It is a panel, and this panel will include three Judges.

Third: Trump can’t choose which three. He can’t point at a Judge and scream:
“I want that one!” Not happening. It’s the luck of the draw. Trump has no say.

Four: Judge Cannon will not be on the Supreme Court. That is not going to happen. She has likely ruined her career. And anyway, looking that far into the future isn’t helpful, and all it will do is raise your blood pressure, cause you a whole lot of insomnia and lost sleep and make you tired and agitated.

Five: Raymond Dearie has an outstanding reputation, and there is no evidence he is in the tank for Trump. I GET IT. I get the nervousness. But it is unfounded where this Judge is concerned. He is beloved by many, including Democrats.

Lastly — This is not Merrick Garland’s fault. THAT is infuriating me. Garland did not ask for a runaway Judge. He is not spineless. He is not a “Trumpanzee” as someone charmingly put it.


He isn’t hiding under his desk. He does not secretly want the Judge to rule for Trump. Please clap back on anyone crazy enough even to suggest that and do not buy into that unless you want to make yourself sick. So on that note, all this means is Cannon is a fool, Garland will appeal, nothing’s changed, and Donald Trump is going to prison.


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