This is life and death

When Trump was sworn in on inauguration day, most people were filled with emotions ranging from fear to absolute incredulousness. Most sane Americans likely began with a statement similar to WTF, or how did we get here? Some people, mostly cable news pundits, quickly realized that having Trump in the White House would result in amazing ratings. Sure, that assumption has clearly been proven expedient to many careers, but the coverage has done nothing to actually protect or advance America.

During Trump’s sniffling, monotone speech on Wednesday, he did nothing to expel concerns. Due to this failed attempt to connect with the American public, stock market futures immediately fell. A day later and the stock market is in an even worse position. The elderly – those most at risk to contract the virus – have consistently failed to properly make necessary actions to protect themselves.

Sadly, statistically those who are most susceptive to the virus continue to receive all of their information from Fox News. In spite of all evidence to the contrary, Fox had a “doctor” on the air yesterday who completely blew off the knowledge provided by legitimate professionals. During her talk, she recommended ignoring recommendations from the CDC while advocating for people to hug each other, while she insisted that the world has gone crazy.

The result of Fox continuing to spew lies and debunked conspiracy theories will only be more deaths. By ignoring professional advice, a good percentage of Fox viewers will make bad choices. This is not a game, people. And the allowance to continue the spread of lies will likely be more devastating than the actual spread of the disease.

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