This is just painful to watch

You’d need to have a political IQ of just about zero to honestly believe that “Biden didn’t wave a magic wand and send MBS through a trap door this week” means that Biden isn’t doing anything about MBS. Effective solutions are sophisticated, take time, involve several facets, often play out behind closed doors, and rarely involve any public foot stomping. This is the world stage, not kindergarten.

When you look at how many cable news hosts and liberal Twitter pundits are now pushing this “Biden let MBS off the hook” tripe, and you consider that they can’t all be that clueless, you realize most of them are just dishonestly attacking Biden to try to score cheap points with the “left wants to eat itself” crowd. The media had an opportunity here to educate the public, and instead went for the phony appearance of being hard on both sides. It’s painful to watch, and it does real harm to the public discourse. It’s why we can’t have nice things.


– CPAC is controlled by Matt Schlapp, a Trump loyalist whose wife worked in the Trump regime and on the Trump 2020 campaign. So of course CPAC is a Trump worship event. Doesn’t mean Trump is somehow magically viable going forward. It’s just that CPAC is run by his longtime butt-kissers, so the entire conference consists of Trump butt-kissing. Any speakers who wanted to steer out a different direction for the GOP weren’t invited this year.

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