This is just getting ugly for both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis

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Sometimes a story is born through purely accidental circumstances. And that is how it happened with this story. I had no intention of writing about world war three — Maga style. It just sort of danced into my orbit. This is because it is FINALLY happening. Some Maga are turning on Donald Trump.

But it isn’t happening because Maga has seen the light. No. It’s happening because some in Maga feel trump abandoned them. And they are turning to Ron DeSantis. But others are starting to despise Ron. What I am saying is — Maga is splitting. They’re splitting in two — team Ron and Team Don: “F#ck Ron!”

There is a war going on, my friends. And Maga is not attacking democrats — at least not THESE Maga.

“Trump’s been attacking DeSantis for weeks. And he expects Ron to stick up for him?”

Oh boy! It’s the Ron vs. Don battle royale!

“DeSantis owes Trump nothing.”

They are going at it like children fighting over an ice cream cone. In this corner, we have Ron! In this corner, we have Don! Let the show begin!

“Trump needs to stop running his pie-hole about DeSantis.”

Could the Don team be winning?

“Wait! Why can’t DeSantis talk about Trump being a lowlife?”

Oops — maybe not.

All over Twitter, the Ron v.s Don war is happening! Which one will score a touchdown?

And I must say it is amusing and even educational to watch.

“At this point, Ron groupies are just annoying.”

“The best thing DeSantis can do is distance himself from trump.”

Many Maga feel betrayed by trump. They feel he has sooo much drama.

They also feel he let down the J-6 terrorists.

“Trump is his own man. DeSantis is not.”

But others think DeSantis is a RINO. And for some inexplicable reason, they think Democrats love him.

“Trump is acting like an immature baby!.”

Who would have thought it?

“Maybe we should vote for Pence. He’s a good man.”

Congratulations Mikey! Amid thousands of tweets, that is the ONLY one I saw in favor of you! So, you’ve got one vote, at least!

“I won’t stay whole silent while people slander DeSantis!”

“Trump put Fauci in charge, which destroyed our country.”

Is the bloom off the rose, do you think?

“Ron DeSantis did not defend trump! He is a coward!”

“Not voting for DeSantis EVER!”.

So who will be the winner of this epic battle? I have no idea. But I know who the loser is. Nikki Haley. Why? I’ve not seen her name come up anywhere in about ten thousand tweets.

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