This is just embarrassing for Megyn Kelly

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When writers write, some of our works are more positively received than others. That has happened to this writer many times. Certain topics garner more appreciation than others. One person I’ve written about who has received mixed reviews by Palmer Report readers is Megyn Kelly. She’s not news anymore, many have said. To an extent, I agree. But not completely.

See, Kelly is indeed a pariah in the field of journalism. But she’s gone the way of many failed television pundits. She’s started hosting a podcast, and believe it or not; she has a relatively large following Podcasters MUST be called out — just like we do with Fox pundits, with Chuck Todd, with anyone on television.

It seems pod-casters can get away with many things that TV hosts can’t. Just look at Joe Rogan.

And Kelly is lashing out. It’s the lashing out of a sad and bitter woman, and it must be highlighted.

Kelly was fired from NBC for her blackface comment, yes. But she has also lashed out, through social media, at women athletes, Trans athletes, and Meghan Markle. She has made fun of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s fear on January 6. She has blamed January 6 on the media and said it was not an insurrection.

And now she is targeting trans people. The LGBTQ community gets enough grief without a bratty, entitled has-been trying to make waves and get noticed by unleashing hate.

During a recent podcast, Kelly suggested that transgender people “force young, gay men into conversion therapy.” I caught my breath in horror at this story. “The crazy trans activists are so vicious. And they’ve basically, kinda, doing conversion therapy on young gay men.”

I hope you will forgive me, dear readers, for bringing this vile story to your attention. But this garbage needs to be called out, as does the person behind the words of hate. If we don’t call it out, who will?

Please amplify messages of love. Hit back at hate like this. Complain about it. Let Sirius or whoever hosts the podcast in question know that isn’t what you want to hear.
Keep being a force for good, and maybe with enough of us, we can at least slow down these hateful messages.

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