This is just embarrassing for Kyrsten Sinema

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The Daily Beast has obtained a memo that is around 37 pages long. This memo pertains to her royal majesty Kyrsten Sinema. The memo itself is highly disturbing. It’s suggested in this memo that some of Sinema’s staffers do a little more than type and answer the phone: “Special accommodations.”

The memo is disturbing in that Sinema is more concerned that these staffers manage her personal time than anything to do with business. For example, there are these little nuggets:

Check-in with her “if she needs groceries.”

“be prepared to schedule weekly one-hour massages.”

“Don’t schedule anything, ever, outside of regular work hours.”

“She (Sinema) will very, very rarely agree to work outside the regular hours, so only ask if it’s a big deal.”

“Sleep is very important to her.”

On weekends Sinema “needs a later start to accommodate her training schedule, which entails scheduling no work obligations earlier than 1:00 pm.”

Alright. Sure many people have things they need to do, activities that may interfere with the work week. But does it seem to you that work appears to be Sinema’s last priority? Her self-importance shines brightly here as in virtually all she does.

I’d have liked to see a paragraph like this: “If a constituent calls on the weekend with a matter you deem urgent, please inform the Senator, as her first commitment is always to her constituents.”

It would have been so, so lovely to see that—no such luck. And it’s being reported that some of the staffers were pissed — because they felt that some of the things in this memo could be “detrimental to the overall staff’s mission to serve constituents.”

Sinema reportedly also demanded some staff perform personal tasks such as letting workmen into her home. The Senate handbook makes it clear that staffers are not there to perform personal activities for the senators. It appears Sinema may not have read the handbook.

A representative for Sinema says that this information “is not in line with official guidance from Sen. Sinema’s office.” It’s an interesting memo. And it does show that once again it seems — nobody loves Sinema more than Sinema.

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