This is fun

It’s fun watching the Republicans having to carve themselves up like this, for fear that Trump will carve them up by lashing out at them on his way down. It gives the Democrats an extraordinary opportunity to win the midterms, which means today is a good day for democracy.

We really, truly need to get out of this mindset of simply lamenting about the things the other side is doing, and lamenting about how they’re somehow “getting away with it all.” For one thing, lamenting is the opposite of activism. Lamenting starts with the presumption that you’ve already lost and everything is ruined. Activism starts with the presumption that you can win and things can be made better.

Perhaps more importantly, we need to stop lamenting over supposed losses that are actually victories. The Republican Party fired its own number three House leader today. Given that the GOP is already pure evil, and that it won’t be changing its ways in the near future, all we can do is try to make sure it loses as many elections as possible.

To that end, the GOP has lost the House, the Senate, and the presidency, and is now trying to fumble away their prospects for the midterms. Why on earth would we feel compelled to lament over that? Do you want to whine, or do you want to win? If you’re rooting for American democracy, today was fun. If any pundit tries to feed you the usual “danger โ€“ damage โ€“ danger โ€“ damage” doomsday lament about what happened today, tell them they’re out of their minds.

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