Kevin McCarthy is having a no good, very bad, horrible day

“You do this, and I’m out.”

“I will never vote for another Republican again.”

“How about we oust McCarthy and make Liz Cheney speaker?”

The comments mentioned above are all from angry individuals, seemingly furious at “Leader” McCarthy (Coward-insurrection party-California) for his insane treatment of Liz Cheney. (Republican-Wyoming). And these people are not being shy about letting the disgraceful Congressman know it. On the contrary, they are pretty vocal.

It is my view that Kevin McCarthy has made a colossal mistake in ousting Cheney. Don’t get me wrong. She is still a Republican. I agree with none of her policy views and would never vote for her.

But she has stood up to the machine and is now a force in the insurrection party. And with the former guy’s approval shrinking daily, many Republicans are not happy about what McCarthy just did.

The outward look for Republicans is terrible, and the fallout has only just begun.

Adding to Kevin’s embarrassment, a group of one hundred Republicans have written a letter threatening to split from the GOP and form a third party.

So this garbage is not working out quite the way McCarthy wanted it. But then again, nothing Kevin does ever seems to work out well.

The reason for this is because McCarthy is no longer a Politician. He is the former guy’s water boy. McCarthy has boxed himself into a corner here. No longer can he make any decisions that the former guy disapproves of.

McCarthy seems to think his latest move gives him more power. But as with all his terrible choices, he is wrong. He has just given away nearly ALL his power. And he has given it to a craven psychopath who is using him as he uses anyone he comes in contact with.

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