This is about to get very ugly for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is making a mockery of the criminal justice system by pardoning his own guilty co-conspirators, as rewards for keeping quiet. But don’t worry, the “Law and Order” part will come when Trump is on criminal trial in New York State. One of the few guarantees in all of this is that Trump ends up in a prison cell when it’s all said and done. This is about to get very ugly for him.

– Republican Senator Ben Sasse knew Trump was guilty but voted to acquit him anyway. Sasse doesn’t get to take the high ground now; he’s criminally complicit in everything Trump has done since the impeachment trial. Sasse will run for President in 2024. We should hound the media to spend every day talking about Sasse’s criminal act of letting a guilty Trump off the hook.


– Roger Stone’s preemptive pardon is legally flimsy and may not cover the additional crimes Stone was still being investigated for when Mueller was ousted. Stone can still end up in prison. New York has criminal charges pending against Paul Manafort. He can end up back in prison. This is just getting started. If anything, the public outrage over these pardons increases the odds that prosecutors will try to bring additional charges against these thugs.

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