Donald Trump just gave away that he knows it’s over for him

When Donald Trump began pardoning his treason co-conspirators like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort last night, it didn’t mean Trump suddenly had a plan for saving himself. Instead it’s a sign that Trump knows it’s over for him, and he’s using what few tools he has left to try to give himself a slightly softer landing for when he leaves office and faces criminal charges and bankruptcy.

If you want proof of this, just check out what’s happening with Trump’s approval rating. In the month and a half since the election, Trump’s support among Republican voters had dropped 8%, according to the latest Gallup polling. This means that even some of the people who voted for him are now turning against him, thanks to his embarrassing post-election antics.


Each time Trump falsely claims he won the election, or files yet another absurd conspiracy theory-laden court case, or pardons yet another of his criminal underlings, it turns even more people against him. Even Trump knows this. If he thought there were even a slight chance he could somehow magically steal a second term, or even be viable in 2024, he wouldn’t be behaving in the kind of manner that’s driving his approval rating even lower. He knows it’s over.

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