This is a complete mess for Lauren Boebert

The new brand of Republican is embarrassing and dangerous. They are crass, have no class whatsoever, and do nothing for the people they allegedly represent. You know who they are, but right now, the focus is on one: Lauren Boebert. In recent news, she called Rep. Ilhan Omar a “member of the jihad squad.” She has been repeatedly called out to apologize, but instead of apologizing, she doubled down.

Politico reported that the two had a phone call, apparently trying to work things out, but Omar ended up disconnecting the call. Boebert took to social media to post a video, claiming that she tried to “deescalate tensions.” Please. When you say things like Omar is “safe to ride with in a Capitol elevator so long as she wasn’t wearing a backpack,” you really have no good intentions no matter how you protest. If anything, others should be afraid to ride with her with her love for guns. Instead of being a bigger person—which we know she is not—she just made things worse, claiming that because Omar asked for a public apology, they could not work things out, but that is not the full story. Boebert has made clear who she is and why she sought public office.

Boebert did not come into office to serve. The Denver Post reported in September that Boebert used campaign funds to pay rent and utilities on her bar. Of course, once she was busted, she repaid the funds and claimed that the funds were “billed to [the] campaign account in error.” Sure, it was an error. She thought she would get away with it. Boebert is yet another of the new brand of Republican who sought public office to benefit themselves.

It was also reported that in February, Boebert reimbursed herself $22,000 for mileage, which Denver Post said equated to driving 38,712 miles during the height of the pandemic when travel was limited. She then claimed that the money represented “mileage, travel expenses, and hotel stays,” yet over $17,000 still went to mileage reimbursements, and the pandemic was still limiting travel. So, Boebert is not only crass, but she also does this kind of thing. What a shock. Boebert is nothing more than a loud-mouth, attention-seeking loser. She does not deserve a seat in Congress.


No one in their right mind should blame Omar for hanging up on Boebert. In fact, the Independent reported that Boebert did not call to apologize; she called to demand that Omar apologize “to the American people for her anti-American, antisemitic, anti-police rhetoric.” Lauren Boebert does not care one bit about any of the issues she raised, most of all the American people. She shows her disdain for her constituents every day by refusing to do the job they sent her to Congress to do and instead skimming money and stirring up trouble. She does not represent anyone’s interest save her own. Congress needs to do with her what they have done with Greene and Gosar: Strip her of her assignments so that she is free to focus on the trouble she loves so much.

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