Donald Trump has been reduced to begging

So many people want Trump to be held accountable. So many want him to be arrested. And I believe he will be. But as we wait for that to happen, let us not forget that Trump is already being punished. And that punishment is quite punitive indeed.

The key to understanding Trump is to realize that nothing matters to him — except him. He loves himself very much.

Of course, this love is a cover for self-hatred. The truth is Trump cannot love, and that includes loving himself. His veil of arrogance covers a yawning hole that will never be satisfied, and that is filled already with deep insecurity, self-hatred, and fear.

He is exiled right now — banished to his huge but empty home where the footsteps of friends are few, although the sycophants are alive and well. And he aches. He must. He wants one thing — attention. And he is not getting enough of it.

This is most likely why Trump has just has come out and offered to debate any editors, Pundits, and politicians about what happened during the 2020 election.

And Trump also promised it would be a “rating bonanza” for whoever partook in this nasty debate. I doubt many will take him up on it. You see it for yourself, though, I am sure.

Trump is already being punished. It may not be the way we’d like — in a cell. And yet he IS in prison — even if it’s only metaphorically. His cage is Mar-A-Lago. His audience are the same sycophants who are paid to flatter him.

Visiting hours when they happen do not produce streams of enthusiastic and genuine folks because those folks want to stay as far from him as humanly possible. No friends, no respect, a luxurious prison of style with no substance and no love.

This is why Trump is coming forward now. This is why he wants back on TV. He needs to be loved again. But he wasn’t loved before, although he may not even understand this. In reality, he was elevated to leader by folks as dark as himself.


They don’t love him; they count on his hate to fuel their own. And now the worst President ever is in his hell — disrespected, forgotten, and doomed to claw at his cage in his failed efforts for relevancy.

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