This is a betrayal


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Have you, friends, and readers ever suffered a betrayal so vast and so deep that it seemed to change you inside, rattle you, and infuse you with shock that such a thing could come to pass? In ancient times of historical monarchies, betrayal was as familiar and accepted as the waters of the Nile flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.

In current times not so much as it relates to politics. When someone runs as a Democrat, we assume they are a Democrat. And we trust them to keep their campaign promises. Sadly in the state of North Carolina, the opposite happened. And now North Carolina weeps.

North Carolina Republicans haves overridden the veto of Governor, Roy Cooper. This veto was on abortion legislation limiting abortions to twelve weeks. North Carolina only gained a Republican super-majority this past month. And it did so because of betrayal.

Tricia Cotham. The promises she made. The way she campaigned with pride in a woman’s right to choose, comforting women and telling them she was one of them and that she would always stand proud for Carolina women. But she did not.

Yes, Cotham switched parties. But many expected her to still support Governor Roy Cooper. This twelve-week abortion ban is dangerous and will hurt many. Cotham was supposed to KNOW that. She was supposed to stand up for her soul-Sisters, the people she’d promised with feeling in her voice never to let down.

So yes, today is a sad day. Because Tricia Cotham is a betrayer. She has betrayed ALL women with her vile vote supporting Republicans in putting as many roadblocks as possible in the way of a woman’s autonomy.

I would give anything to bring the sunshine back to Carolina that Cotham stole so very sneakily. I’d love to comfort her voters who no doubt feel betrayed. I’d love to have read that Governor’ Cooper’s veto still stood.

We will be fighting for all the women of Carolina. And as 2024 draws nearer, we will be phone banking to keep the Governorship blue and also looking at getting Tricia Cotham out of her seat.


Because it’s a seat she stole, like a thief in the night, letting down millions and giving Benedict Arnold a run for his money in the betrayal department.



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