This GOP debate is a disaster already

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The Republican debate is coming up! And it’s shaping up to be something else again! Who will screw up live on national television? Who will do well? Will ANY of them do well? Let’s look at some of the debaters who will be on that stage.

DeSantis. It’s his last chance to convince Americans that he’s more than just Pudding Fingers. And I predict Ron will botch it as usual. There is no way this charmless woke machine can get people to love him. That is not going to happen. However, the sour man will surely try.

Tim Scott? I predict he will be Mr. Smiley. He’ll try to convey optimism while smilingly discussing how America must unite! Of course, lots of WOMEN will not be smiling as Tim (Mr. Smiley) talks about implementing the most conservative abortion ban he possibly can and as he said he would do. That will not score him any points.

Mike Pence. He may get booed. I’m not kidding. I hope not. Even Pence doesn’t deserve that. What he WILL do is talk about how he upheld the Constitution. I doubt that will impress Maga since they live for NOT abiding by the constitution.

Chris Christie will be there, like a knight in shining armor, waiting impatiently to destroy all of the candidates. Nobody will be safe from Christie’s biting tongue, but I predict DeSantis will get it the worst, and man, that should be fun.

Vivek Ramasamy will also likely get into it with Christie. Now, Vivek shares something important with DeSantis. He has a voice that only an insurrectionist could love. It isn’t squeaky like Ron’s. But Vivek is, (as you are aware if you’ve ever seen him), a loud one. His voice is so loud — he needs to be careful not to head into Gym Jordan territory.

He also has a tendency to go on and on , which he might do on the debate stage, no doubt boring many of the audience members.

Vivek is also insane, as his past indicates. He’s a bit wet behind the ears for all this. And he has yet to learn of the bull in the china shop who will be standing there, waiting to take him down as he did Marco Rubio.

Haley? I predict her numbers will go DOWN. She will be ITCHING to go after Biden for his age; she will wear a Stepford-like smile (watch for it), and she won’t say one thing of any substance whatsoever. This is going to be quite a debate. And we are here for all of it!

Will anyone new break out? Who will go on a full-blown love fest of Donald Trump? Will the insults fly, and will ANY of these morons be asked if Trump lost the 2020 election? And if they ARE asked, will they answer the questions? Come to think of it, will ANY of them be able to answer one question honestly? My guess is no, but we’ll see.

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