President Joe Biden comes out swinging ahead of GOP debate

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The GOP debate is coming up and probably no one will watch. There’s no real reason to. It’s a clown car of characters you’ve probably never heard of (ie Vivek Ramaswamy, Doug Burgum) pitted against a handful of has-beens (ie Chris Christie, Nikki Haley).

More likely than not, none of them are going to say anything particularly devastating about the former guy that hasn’t already been said, as they’re still terrified of betraying his voters. Instead, they’ll hit each other over inane things no one cares about – so you can probably expect shots to be taken at the very distant runner-up, Ron DeSantis, and probably at Christie for not sucking up to Donald Trump sufficiently enough.

Ahead of the Milwaukee-based debate, however, President Biden is wasting no time at getting the message out about how beneficial legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act has benefitted everyday working class Americans, a lot better than any Republican legislation has in the last quarter-century.

The ad – targeted specifically for Wisconsin – is a solid reminder that manufacturing jobs have returned to the U.S. thanks to the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress who helped make his agenda happen. Whether the candidates discuss it or not isn’t really relevant as it will likely reach more viewers than the debate ever will. With over a year to go before the 2024 election, President Biden is already making a strong case for his re-election. Let’s get behind him and help Democrats win down the ballot in 2024.

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