This Florida Republican might be even more whacked out than Ron DeSantis

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Since a radical fascist governor took over Florida by the name of Ron DeSantis he’s done one thing after another to destroy the sunshine state, leaving many to think it can’t possibly get any worse. It just did. Allow me to present Florida State Representative Stan McClain.

McClain has introduced a bill that would prevent young girls in elementary school from talking to teachers about their periods. Yep. Periods are the newest enemy of the republican party. So let’s say a none or ten-year old girl gets her period and doesn’t know what to do. She will not be allowed to ask anyone. Instead, she will have to decide what to do for herself.

State Representative Ashley Gantt appeared utterly bewildered by this piece of human garbage and his pathetic bill. So she asked him about it. “Will that prohibit conversations from them (girls) since they are in a grade lower than 6th grade?”

“It would,” McClain said proudly. Planned Parenthood got into the act calling this bill: “absurd.” And it must have received much backlash because the intolerant McClain later walked it back, saying he’d be open to amending the bill. Wow. See what activism does? Although I don’t know for sure, I am confident Ron DeSantis would get behind this bill. Gosh, what will they think of next? Banning children from playing with dolls?

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