Michael Cohen gets the last laugh as Donald Trump’s Manhattan grand jury stunt falls flat

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After Trump witness Robert Costello testified to the Manhattan grand jury on Monday, he had an unhinged meltdown for the TV cameras in which he complained that none of the grand jurors wanted copies of the supposed “evidence” he’d brought with him. That alone tells you how ineffective Costello’s testimony was.

Costello also made the odd claim that Michael Cohen would be brought back to testify again this Wednesday – something that Costello seemingly wouldn’t have been in a position to know. But now Cohen has appeared on MSNBC and stated that he has not been invited back to testify on Wednesday. This tells us that Costello’s testimony was such a non-event, the DA doesn’t even feel the need to rebut it.

This also means that unless Trump’s indictment somehow happened at the end of the proceedings today and still hasn’t been announced yet, we’re now looking at Wednesday for the indictment. Why not tomorrow? Grand juries don’t meet every day of the week because they’re made up of average citizens who have to tend to their lives while serving on these grand juries for months at a time. This particular grand jury doesn’t meet on Tuesdays, so it’ll have to wait until Wednesday.

From there it should go quickly. Presuming there really are no more remaining witnesses, the DA would need perhaps an hour to give the closing argument. Then the grand jury would vote on whether to indict – and in a case this substantive, voting “yes” is essentially a formality.


So barring any more unexpected surprises, we’re apparently looking at Donald Trump being criminally indicted sometime during business hours on Wednesday. As for which day of the week he’s ordered to surrender himself for arrest and such, we’ll have to wait and see. But it’s now beyond a given that Trump is being criminally indicted. When Cohen was asked on-air which day Trump’s indictment will happen, he declined to provide the answer and just laughed.

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