This doesn’t bode well for the Trump crowd

Common political wisdom says that the party not in the White House is favored in off-year elections due to their voters feeling dissatisfied with policy and an overall lack of power, while the voters who support the party in the White House largely feel complacent. Of course, to the Trumper crowd, this general observation, like just about everything else, suggests a conspiracy.

We’ve heard ridiculous conspiracy after conspiracy about the 2020 election being rigged against Donald Trump – from his own wild claims that millions of people voted illegally, that ballots for Biden were shipped from China, that a South American dictator dead for almost a decade used voting machines to rig it, and now comes a claim perhaps even more idiotic than all of that: the GOP rigged the election against Trump. No, really.

At a rally in the Michigan Capitol, the speaker made this lunatic claim – assuming that the GOP leadership decided to give the White House to Biden despite their long history of undermining every Democrat who occupies the White House and didn’t do anything to make sure the Senate was impervious to being flipped. As Trumpers have a low regard for democracy as it is, a number of them aren’t loyal to the GOP and never were – just when it conveniently serves their own purposes of establishing a white ethnostate.


It doesn’t exactly bode well that Trumpers barely show up to elections when the former guy’s name isn’t on the ballot – and this offers Democrats the perfect ammo they need. No matter what their Republican opponents’ stance on Trump happens to be, it’s one that will cost them votes.

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