Open letter to Four Republicans who can change the entire game

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This is an open letter to a few people:

Dear Senator Murkowski:

Dear Rep. Kinzinger:

Dear Senator Romney:

Dear Congresswoman Cheney:

I am sure that when you decided to become a politician, you expected both the good and the bad. I am, however, almost positive you did not expect THIS. Right now, your attempts to bring sanity to your party have failed. You all are being labeled traitors. You are derided and scorned. This is coming from your OWN party.

I understand your passion. I know you want to promote positive change. My question is: how can you do that right now? I do not believe you can — at least within the GOP.

They are doomed right now.. One cannot live in servitude to a cult leader and expect a happy and joyous ending. You must know this. The spell has not been broken inside the GOP. The spell has spread. It has entered the beings of the ones you at one point called friends.

And it shows no sign of low tide. On the contrary, the worship of a failed insurrectionist is at peak high tide. The GOP has embraced the waves and is riding them proudly.

It is folks like YOU who are the enemy to them. It is folks like YOU — once deeply respected — who are now labeled traitors as casually as one might ask for the time.

So please consider this: Consider becoming independent. If you were independent, you would have enormous freedom. You could caucus with the Democrats when and if you wanted to.

You would have the support of middle America. They respect individuality.

You could still work to promote GOP change. But you would not have to do it at the expense of your values.

This party is no longer your own. They are now a cult. Unless you espouse their ideas on EVERYTHING, you are verbally abused, laughed at, and pushed aside. Who would want to be in that position?

Perhaps these thoughts have already occurred to you. I hope so. I wonder if you think about all of this at night when the lights close on the Capitol, and you are free of all distractions.

There is no downside. And with this move, you’d gain respect. So, do think about it. It would require courage and strength of character. I do hope you make the right decision.

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