Donald Trump has frantic thirty-tweet-long late night meltdown as his impeachment takes hold

With his presidency having melted into a pile of goo, and his freedom now very much in doubt, Donald Trump is trying to save himself with the only trick he knows: frantic, deranged, incoherent tweeting. In fact he’s posted thirty tweets and retweets thus far tonight, in the apparent belief that if he hurls enough random nonsense at Twitter, it’ll somehow make his treason scandal and impeachment go away.

At various points during Donald Trump’s hallucinatory meltdown tonight, he’s called for “Liddle’ Adam Schiff” to resign, he’s attacked the “so-called whistleblower,” he’s accused Schiff of imaginary crimes, and he unironically quoted Lindsey Graham referring to something as “insane.” By the time Trump had finished quoting Ted Cruz twice in a row, it was clear just how much of a stretch this was all becoming.

Considering how obscure some of these retweets were, and Trump’s obviously limited Twitter skills, we’re left to wonder if this tweet explosion may have actually been the work of one of his handlers. If so, that’s not good news for Trump either. The only thing worse than the specter of Trump having a thirty-tweet-long late night meltdown would be if Trump is passed out somewhere and his people are left trying to fight his battles for him.


In any case, Donald Trump has yet to throw a Twitter tantrum about the Saturday Night Live premiere, which featured a cold open centered around Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of a frantic and washed up Trump. So maybe Trump isn’t awake after all.

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