Things just got real

– There’s a ton of fatalism out there tonight, which is weird considering we’re on track to win this election by ten points. If we waste this week panicking and fretting, we just might find a way to lose. If we spend this week focusing on voter turnout, we’ll win for sure. Sufficient turnout always overcomes voter suppression antics. Always.

– If you’re blaming Chuck Schumer and the Democrats for the fact that Barrett was confirmed, then you have absolutely no understanding of how politics works. Go take a civics class or something. Seriously, stop blaming the democrats for things they literally couldn’t have stopped.

– I don’t care how Susan Collins voted today. She voted for Kavanaugh. Vote her out next week. There’s no redemption for anyone who voted for Kavanaugh. Support Democratic candidate Sara Gideon in Maine.

– Tweet of the day, from Chasten Buttigieg: “It’s ok to be mad. It’s ok to be scared. The best thing you can do right now is vote these people out and get as many people as you possibly can to do the same. Hold onto that feeling in your stomach and channel that fear and righteous anger into the ballot box.”

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