Donald Trump openly fantasizes about fleeing in a pickup truck as it all goes wrong for him

During one of his rally speeches last week, Donald Trump said that if he loses the election, he might have to leave the country. He tried to frame it as doing so out of embarrassment, but most observers took it as a sign that he’s considering fleeing prosecution. Now Trump is expanding upon this notion.

During his rally today in Pennsylvania, Trump pointed to some pickup trucks at his rally and said, “Do you think I could hop into one of them and drive it away? I’d love to do it, just drive the hell out of here. Just get the hell out of this. I had such a good life. My life was great.”

So this is where we’re at now. Eight days before election day, the sitting President of the United States is openly fantasizing about fleeing in a pickup truck, while musing that he “had such a good life.” He sure sounds like a guy who thinks his life is over. Let’s turn out to vote in record numbers and prove him correct.

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