Things just got even uglier for Donald Trump and Mike Pence

– The drug addled President of the United States was seen wearing two different colors of orange face paint tonight while spreading a deadly virus, and the man who’s next in line for the presidency was bleeding from the eyes while the flies circled overhead. This is somehow real.

– Mike Pence was lucky that plexiglass was there, so Kamala Harris couldn’t reach over and smack him.

– Winner of the debate: Kamala Harris. The other winner of the debate: Chris Wallace, because Susan Page’s turn as moderator was somehow even worse.

– After the debate was over, Sean Hannity used his show to frantically try to put the focus on Hunter Biden, which means he thought Mike Pence did really badly in the debate.

– Tweet of the day, from bestselling children’s book author Sue Fliess: “Guys, I might cry. My parents (who live in FL) are lifelong Republicans. I’ve been trying w/my sis to talk to them calmly about what is at stake. (I can get Fire up). I even enlisted my aunt (Mom’s sis). Today my Dad said they dropped off their ballots and voted for Joe Biden.”

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