Mike Pence wasn’t the only one who made a fool of himself at the debate – so did “mother”

Mike Pence is the kind of creepy pervert who went into politics just so he could try to control the bodies of women and LGBT people on a broader scale. He’s also the kind of guy who gets exposed to a massive coronavirus outbreak, whines about his opponent wanting plexiglass between them, and then shows up to the debate with a common coronavirus symptom (pinkeye) – only to break all the rules about time limits.

But Mike Pence wasn’t the only one who made a fool of himself during the debate. Just before the debate began, the moderator announced that all audience members were required to wear their masks, and that anyone who took their mask off would be ejected. But at the end of the debate, Karen Pence – whom Mike Pence bizarrely calls “mother” – went on stage to greet him and she wasn’t wearing a mask.


It’s not difficult to figure out why she flouted the rules in this particular fashion; it was already the end of the debate anyway, and it wouldn’t have been any punishment if they’d thrown her out. This comes after most of Donald Trump’s entourage refused to wear a mask during the last debate, and then it turned out several of them were already infected with coronavirus.

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