Things are about to come to a head

Thursday we’ve got a high-level briefing to be given by CIA director Gina Haspel, DNI John Ratcliffe, and NSA director Paul Nakasone to the Gang of Eight. Ratcliffe and Nakasone will defend Trump, and Haspel will parse out a word salad so as to stay in her position. Though these people will attempt to spin the intel to make it seem Trump didn’t have direct, concrete information that Russia was placing bounties on our service members, in the end, none of this will matter.

Of course, the entire Russian-Taliban bounties are an outrage and should be reacted to with the strongest appropriate force. And maybe in the backchannels on the ground this will happen. But Haspel, Ratcliffe and Nakasone are never going to go against Trump because they’re his appointees. Pelosi, who’s one of the Gang of Eight, knows this. The point of calling the meeting is to create pressure against Trump in his relationship with Putin. As much focus as possible needs to be placed on this relationship in order to understand that our dead military are just the tip of the iceberg here.

Trump will always protect Putin and therefore, Russia, and every Republican knows this. An enormous part of their political funding comes from the NRA which has served as a conduit for Russian money. Republicans are for Russia and only Russia. In addition, Putin is considered the richest man on earth because of his raping the finances of the former Soviet Union.

We don’t know if Trump bows to Putin because he is personally in debt to him or would like to be in on the oligarch money, but if Trump has to walk over our dead soldiers in order to lick Putin’s ass, you can bet he won’t think twice about it.
Our military will go after the Taliban and Russia in their channels. Our channel is to keep the pressure on Trump to cease his corrupt relationship with Putin. And we must vote. We can’t survive another four years of this.

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