The thing about Donald Trump’s Russian bounty scandal is that there was a money trail, which meant that sooner or later the media and/or whistleblowers would expose it. The first half of the money trail came yesterday when it was reported that the U.S. intelligence community had tracked payments from the Kremlin to the Taliban. Now the other half of the trail has been exposed.

The New York Times is reporting that Rahmatullah Azizi, a contractor in Afghanistan, has been handing out Kremlin cash to Taliban operatives who have killed U.S. soldiers. This one chilling sentence says it all: “Prizes of as much as $100,000 per killed soldier were offered for American and coalition targets.”

This is nothing short of a smoking gun. It proves that Vladimir Putin really has been paying the Taliban to murder U.S. soldiers. It also makes clear that this is the kind of substantive plot that the U.S. intelligence community would absolutely have made a point of telling Donald Trump about – which means he’s lying when he says he was never briefed about it. Trump is now proven complicit in a deadly terrorist plot against the United States. Lock him up.

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