Donald Trump’s “Thighland” meltdown is idiotic even for him

Part of Donald Trump’s problem is that he doesn’t know anything. The guy couldn’t be more ignorant of the world, geography, history, and even what’s going on in his own country. The other part of Trump’s problem is that his cognitive abilities are failing him so badly, he’s reduced to nothing but reading words off a screen that his babysitters have written for him.

Accordingly, when Donald Trump saw the name “Thailand” on the screen today, he misread it as “Thighland.” This comes just days after Trump misread “Yosemite” as “Yo-SEM-ite.” Let’s be clear here: while Trump is weak in the literacy department, this goes beyond just a literacy issue.


Even someone who doesn’t know how to spell “Thailand” would come across it in print and understand it when they say it. In contrast, Donald Trump is looking at words like “Thailand” and “Yosemite” and not even being able to recall having ever heard of them, hence why he’s forced to make up phonetic pronunciations on the spot. Trump really is roughly 50% senile, which makes things complicated because he’s 100% corrupt and evil.

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