These clowns will stop at nothing

We’re 90 days from the election and every day must count to the fullest from here on out. The entire Republican Party is in a death spiral and they will do anything to keep their hold on power. Normally this would be ineffective considering how they’ve managed to fail at every endeavor, but with Trump and AG Bill Barr at the helm, we cannot let our guard down. We have to watch Bill Barr in particular. He will do whatever he can to keep Trump in the White House.

The “October Surprise” is a common political ploy used by a political party to harm their opponents. There is no doubt Barr and Trump will utilize this as a last-ditch effort. They have enormous tools at their disposal, including Putin’s manipulations. With Russia in their pocket, these guys could produce anything from deep fake videos of Biden in a compromising position, such as the “dead girl, live boy” kompromat, or they could instigate false flag violence in order to turn the election their way. They not only have every option at their disposal while in power, they have indicated they have every intention of using all of them.

As we’ve said before, Trump followers are unsalvageable. These people will even sacrifice their children in order to comply with their Dear Leader’s wishes. There’s nothing to be done about them except pray they don’t succumb to their crazy and laughably try to start a civil war. Still, there are lots of moderate, science-believing people who don’t feel like making their children Trump sacrificial lambs. These people will vote and the more we predict this October surprise strategy of false flag “antifa”-instigated violence or deep fake propaganda, the less impact these ploys will have on people’s decision-making.


Stick to the facts. If something seems unbelievable, be patient and let the facts surface. With the Swan interview of Trump trending, journalists are taking note and finally taking the gloves off. It’s doubtful Trump can pull the wool over anyone’s eyes right now except those willfully blind. But be prepared. He and Bill Barr and Putin are going to give it their all. Expect anything. And tell others to expect it also.

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