These MAGA loons are more out of control than ever

Another day, another act of insanity from one of the infants we call Maga. Before I get into the weeds on the story, I must comment on something. So many on our side wonder why it is impossible to talk with or debate Maga. The answer is that most of them have no critical thinking skills. It is sort of like trying to debate a newly born baby. Only freshly born babies are at least cute.

So getting back to this story — another Maga has gotten himself into trouble. It all went down in Madeira Beach, Florida.
There lurked a lad by the name of Geoffrey Pearson Holtman.

And Holtman did not appear very happy. Per WFLA, Holtamn used spray paint to write “Let’s go Brandon” on someone’s home. Such a lovely lad. He also spray-painted the same on their car.

Other creative things the Maga spray-painted include “Trump,” racial slurs, and a swastika. He also spray-painted another car and broke its window.


Apparently, he also resisted arrest, which included screaming hysterically and kicking out at the officers. Eventually, his feet had to be secured. Now, this man is charged with multiple crimes, including criminal mischief. Just another day in the life of Maga.

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