These District Attorneys are drawing the line


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It appears that any day now, we can expect a ruling from the Supreme Court on Roe. And as the nation stands poised to see women’s rights fall by the wayside, some district attorneys are getting ready for some “good trouble.”

Many Democratic DA’s are saying they will not enforce some of the punitive measures that lie in wait for women if Roe falls. This is a good thing — a courageous thing for these District Attorneys to say and to do.

If Roe does fall, abortion will immediately become illegal in some states. Everybody is waiting with bated breath to see what the court does. Any enforcement of abortion laws will fall squarely on the District Attorneys. They are the ones who decide who to charge and what to charge them with.

And a growing number of these District Attorneys are speaking out against some of the bizarre abortion restrictions the Republican party wants to implement. It’s no wonder. Some of the statutes seem to come from the dark ages. Perhaps the GOP likes it that way.

They are, after all, cavemen (and women) whose souls — what souls they have — really do seem stuck in the dark ages, a sort of archaic mentality not seen in centuries.

And even some District Attorneys in red states are speaking out. Nashville’s district attorney Glen Funk has said he will not prosecute any doctors who perform abortions or any women who chose to have them. So get ready, GOP. Get prepared for the resistance.

It’s coming from all over the country. It’s angry, furious, and rumbles like the most powerful volcano. We won’t be intimidated by the GOP and their misogynistic stands against women — and neither, it seems, will many District attorneys.



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