There’s something wrong with Donald Trump’s face

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Lawrence O’Donnell, a TV personality I deeply admire, stands out with his unique calmness. Unlike many in the media who often resort to panic and hysteria, he maintains a composed demeanor that is both refreshing and engaging. The other night, Lawrence spoke about how terrified Donald Trump is of his first criminal trial, which is coming up quickly.

O’Donnell also gave a monologue about Donald Trump’s current appearance. His verdict? Not good. So here is some of what he said:

“There’s a picture of him when he’s trying to look his absolute best in his campaign video.”

“Which in his mind includes a face partially covered in some form of homemade bronzer in which he always forgets the ears.”

“He always forgets his ears are visible, showing the real color of Donald Trump.”

“In contrast to the mud brown that he has decided makes him look his best.”

“And to some eyes, actually makes him look like a horror movie character.”

“That is not a face you want to present to a criminal jury.”

“The only thing he brings to his defense is that silent, discolored face.”

“A face that claims to be a color of brown that is betrayed by his 77-year old pink ears, a face that is topped by hair that is lying to you about where Donald Trump’s hairline might actually be.”

This segment had me in stitches, my friends. But beneath the laughter lies a stark truth.Donald Trump’s appearance has been on a downward spiral, a fact that has not escaped the keen eyes of many in the public, such as us.

It’s to the point where, virtually every day, one wonders how he’ll appear next. If his mental state is anything like his psychological one—and I suspect that it is—then Donald Trump’s appearance will keep on getting odder.

Humor is often the perfect panacea for stress, and that’s why this is such a fun story. Trump’s appearance lately has taken a downturn, and it’s nice to see that people have noticed.

The portrait O’Donnell painted of Trump DOES do him absolute justice. Justice will be sought—and found—starting on Monday. Trump should consider a makeover because it will be a horror movie for the Judge and the Jury if he walks into court looking like that.

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