There is something wrong with House Republican Elise Stefanik

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Which political party would YOU say is the party of women? Of course, the answer is the Democratic party! Our party! Not according to Elise Stefanik. Stefanik is currently on twitter, being ratioed at a rate faster than the speed of light. For those who do not know what ratio is, it means sending a tweet and having the replies deriding said tweet be huge and the number of defenders quite small.

Stefanik tweeted: “It is clear that the Republicans are the party of women.” Oh no, you don’t! That was the cry of thousands. By the way — Elise was talking about the future of women’s sports. Social media users went CRAZY — deriding Stefanik’s claim.

And honestly, a claim from ANY Republican that they are for women would be like Lindsey Graham saying he’s for standing up against Trump. It’s just pure fiction. And plenty of Twitter users told her just that.

The Democratic party is a deep and vibrant blue. That blue means inclusivity. We work hard to keep women’s rights, to highlight women’s accomplishments, and to save women from the fates various Republicans like Stefanik want to give them.

All the red party does is hurt women. Nobody could say with a straight face that Republicans give a damn about women. So you can imagine how her tweet was received. And let’s use some Twitter data to back up my claims. As of the time of this writing, this tweet had been viewed 230.7k times. It had 11 bookmarks. It had 280 quoted retweets. Sad.

Here are a few responses to Stefanik’s tweet:

“Cut back on the paint chips.”

“Maga wants Sharia law.”

“what a blatant lie.”

“Good luck trying to sell that narrative.”

“Elise, have you been raiding Junior’s stash?”

“Let’s go losing!”

“did you write this with a straight face?”

“Well — McCarthy is certainly lady-like.”


“You won’t have any women voters by 2024.”

And the moral here is — never try to be something you’re not. Stefanik is learning this the hard way.

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