Kevin McCarthy digs a deeper hole

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It’s almost May, and a potential debt crisis is getting closer by the moment. Based on what Republicans are offering, it isn’t likely that we will see agreement between the parties. The biggest loser of this fight will be us-the American people-but both parties see this situation as “winning” or “losing” instead of sitting down and coming to an agreement. While much of what President Biden wants stands to benefit many, McCarthy (or any Republican for that matter) could care less about benefitting anyone unless it benefits them. Now, we find ourselves in a stalemate with slightly over one month to resolve it.

Economic experts agree that allowing a default could have disastrous implications not only on the U.S. but for the world. Economies could spiral out of control, and job losses might be devastating. For Republicans, this means that they can stick the screws to Biden because they know, unlike them, he cares about what happens to people. They see that as weakness while it is one of President Biden’s greatest strengths.

According to CNN, President Biden will be making his bid for reelection official as early as this week. He is calling the Republican agenda “extreme,” and it is. He also said that they are trying to “hold the nation hostage,” which is also true. How do we avoid this potential crisis with a MAGA Republican serving as speaker? It’s going to be interesting.

According to CNN, McCarthy wants to block student loan forgiveness, rescind President Biden’s funding to the IRS, repeal green energy tax credits, and of course, go on the attack against Medicaid recipients. Now, we all know that Medicaid provides food and housing to the poor, and in McCarthy’s little mind, if they all get jobs, the problem would be solved, but it’s not that easy. It is easy for people who make six figures to think if everyone works they will succeed, but we can’t all get six figure jobs and live like they do. Most people are lucky to find a job paying more than $30,000. It is unfortunate that McCarthy and his army of idiots can’t be forced to live on that for a year and see how they like it and how much they can accomplish. Add two or three children to the mix, and you get the picture. Many on Medicaid are working. They, unfortunately, barely make a living wage. Yet, Republicans want to block loan forgiveness so that the average person cannot afford college to try to lift themselves out of poverty. They want to cut food stamps so that those babies they want to forced women to have can’t eat.


Republicans cannot have their proverbial cake and eat it too. They cannot keep trying to hurt people with their anti-people policies and expect people to keep voting for them. Even die-hard Republicans are going to tire of them, especially as they continue to try to tell women what we can do with our bodies and continue to show us how little they care by taking the very food from our mouths.

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